• Basement Wall Water Seepage

    Basement Wall Water Seepage

    Problem: Water seepage at the basement wall. Numerous products has tried but the problems still reoccur. When surface preparation, the…

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  • Flat Roof and Metal Roof Waterproofing Repair

    Flat Roof and Metal Roof Waterproofing R

      Problems: Waterproof Leak from the balcony flat roof and the metal roof to the HSBC Privilege Banking Hall. Solutions:…

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  • Torch Applied Waterproofing at International School Shah Alam

    Torch Applied Waterproofing at Internati

    Problems: Water Leakage at the Flat Roof Slab, owner has tried numerous treatment, unfortunately seepage still happened. Solutions: After the…

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  • Gutter Replacement and Waterproofing

    Gutter Replacement and Waterproofing

      Problems: Existing gutters have torned and leakage Solutions: Replacement of new gutter and coating with Koster 21 Waterproofing System

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  • Torch On Membrane – PGRM

    Torch On Membrane – PGRM

    Problems: The maintenance team has tried numerous waterproofing treatment. However, the water still leak from the expose balcony to the…

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  • Klang West Port – MNC Factory

    Klang West Port – MNC Factory

    Problem: Flat Roof Water Leakage Solutions: Koster 21 Waterproofing System Process: 1. Surface Preparation: To jet wash the entire flat…

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  • Ingress Auto – BMW SHOW ROOM

    Ingress Auto – BMW SHOW ROOM

    Waterproofing repair works at BMW Showroom @ LDP

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  • Factory at Glenmarie, Shah Alam

    Factory at Glenmarie, Shah Alam

    Problem : Flat Roof Water Seepage and Leakage - Solutions : Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane - Process: 1. To patch…

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  • Berjaya Time Square – Restaurant Outlet Waterproofing

    Berjaya Time Square – Restaurant O

    Solutions :To provide the waterproofing system to the restaurant outlet at Berjaya Time Square. Process: 1. To clean the existing…

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