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Vseal committed to provide satisfaction guaranteed service with warranty thru excellent workmanship, premium material and state of art technology .


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Koster Waterproofing Systems is the world's waterproofing industry leader which distributed to more than 30 countries worldwide. Made in Germany. Highly Effective and Cost Effective.


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After using KOSTER PRODUCTS (i.e. TG 500 and NB1 Grey, the leakage stops and no more dampness. Highly recommended KOSTER to everyone....


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Why Choose Us? Vseal Waterproofing Contractor committed to the following:.

  • State of Art Technology
  • Excellent Workmanship with WARRANTY
  • Premium Grade of  Imported Material
  • Reasonable Costs and Effective Solutions

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Koster 21

Multi Purpose Waterproofing System

KÖSTER 21 is a 21st Century Waterproofing from Germany that meets the high demand of the world wide markets. It can be applied on masonry, concrete, metal , wood and etc. KÖSTER 21 comprises of 2 parts and it is solvent-free, liquid applied, elastics and crack bridging material. No more peels off, blistering (bubble) problem even has water ponding issues. This liquid applied waterproofing material will provide you a seamless application even by roller or hand brush.  The UV stability properties meets your needs to use at external or internal of the building. KÖSTER 21 comes in white colors which reflects sunlight and reduces building surface temperatures. This fast curing waterproofing material shorten the process cycle and eventually help to achieve better labor efficiency.


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