Wall Waterproofing

Vseal Engineering has a great solution for wall waterproofing. More that often, the wall leakages due to the cracks of the wall.  Vseal Engineering offering the high quality in repairing the external wall cracks by using Koster System. The cracks is further protected with Koster Flex Tape which provide elasticity for the movement of the cracks. This method could be used for dangerous cracks or construction joints.


crack wall 1w

1. To grind the cracks of the joints / wall

crack wall 2w

2. Apply the Koster 21 at the cracks area and ready to patch with Koster Flex Tape

crack wall 3w

3. Patch the cracks / joints area with Koster Flex Tape

crack wall 4w4. Seal the Koster Flex Tape with Koster 21

crack wall 5w5. Work Done.

In order for you to have a better understand, please watch the video below. This video we have taken from one of our actual site. Call us for more details 03-5021 9289

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