Watertight (> 130 m water head) mineral waterproofing with subsequently crystallizing agents. Suitable for positive side and negative side waterproofing. A waterproofing made of KÖSTER NB 1 Grey possesses excellent pressure and abrasion resistance.
Approved by the building authorities and tested in accordance with the potable water guidelines. For area waterproofing in new construction and restoration, e.g. waterproofing of basements and tanks.


  • KÖSTER NB 1 is tested to resist a water pressur of 13 bar (130 meters water head) on the negative side.
  • KÖSTER NB 1 does not contain corrosion promoting ingredients.
  • KÖSTER NB 1 does not require moisture curing.
  • KÖSTER NB 1 is tested also on porous substrate.
  • KÖSTER NB 1 creates a visible and measurable waterproofing layer.
  • KÖSTER NB 1 is also certified for drinking water purpose.

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