Torch on Waterproofing Membrane

Bitumen waterproofing is not a new thing in tropical country like Malaysia.  .Over the years,  bitumen waterproofing membrane remain as  favorite waterproofing material simply for the reason  that it is effective and  durable, especially for the hot country like Malaysia. Bitumen waterproofing membrane could be in liquid or roll on form material.

Application of the Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

In the market, roll on bitumen waterproofing membrane is more widely used.  The application for the roll on bitumen waterproofing membrane could be self-adhesive type or torch on method.  Due to the durability, the market always prefers the torch applied method. More often, it has been called as torch on membrane or torch applied membrane

Before the torching of the bitumen waterproofing membrane, surface preparation is one of most crucial process. During the surface preparation stage, Vseal Team will check the surface thoroughly, patch the pot holes with chemical treated mortar, remove all the loosen particles,  check the floor leveling,  high pressure wash the entire floor area to remove the algae, fungus and contamination.

Subsequently, the Vseal Team will apply the bituminous based primer coating at the entire surface. This primer coating will act as the 1st layer of waterproofing  to seal up those cracks and pores at the surface.

Once it is done,  Vseal Team will start to torch the membrane across the entire floor surface.

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