Case Study : Condominium Toilet Ceiling Cracks Leakage Repair

Location : Palma Condominium Putrajaya

Date : January 2018

Case Summary:

The unit owners facing the water leakage problem from the above units. The water leaks to  the both toilets which sharing the same slacks. This is the new condominium that  still under the defect liability period (DLP). The developer has engaged Vseal to visit the unit and diagnose the leakage issue. On 15 January 2018, Vseal Team visited the unit and diagnosed that the leakages was due to the concrete ceiling cracks. In total 5 leakages spots were sighted. The repair of 5 leakages locations only took 3-4 hours. No major hacking works involved.  All the jobs comes with warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Vseal Team was checking the cracks condition of the concrete slab.

Vseal team was repairing the concrete cracks via the PU grouting

The concrete cracks has sealed with PU. Leakage stops immediately.

Concrete Cracks were sealed with flexible PU material.

Concrete cracks were sealed. The leakage STOP IMMEDIATELY


Our Promise:

  • Stop Leakage Immediately

  • Quick Repair  - Less than 4 hours (for common case)

  • No Major Hacking - No need to remove tiles

  • Affordable Price

  • Warranty provided

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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