Concrete Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Tropical Country like Malaysia, the weather could be very extreme. The heavy rain during the afternoon hot sun potentially causing the substrate to  cracks due to thermal contraction. Those cracks can cause the water to leak thru the concrete and goes into the building.

What causing the roof leak?

flat roof crack

When the original / existing waterproofing membrane has damaged, there several possibilities where the water can leak from the concrete roof. From the diagrame above,

Leakage A : The water that contained inside the cement screed will be absorbed into the weak part of the concrete (e.g honey comb). Over the time, the owner could see the water seepage at the concrete ceiling.

Leakage B: The water that contained inside the cement screed, sip thru the cracks lines of the concrete. Hence the water leak from the concrete ceiling.

Leakage C: The water contained inside the cement screed sip thru the joint between the floor and wall. Hence the water leak from the corner of the ceiling.

Solutions for Concrete Roof Water Leakage

Vseal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. offers you several options to mitigate the concrete roof water leakage issues.

PU Injection Cracks Repair

PU Injection is one of the most common method to stop the active leakage with immediate effect. From the bottom of the concrete slab, our specialist will drill holes at the water leakage area (cracks area). Subsequently, install the nozzle and pressurize the chemical into the concrete to seal the cracks. The chemical will inflate and eventually seal off the cracks and stop the water leakage. For details, please visit our PU Injection solutions.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing – VHbrid Waterproofing Solutions

VHbrid Waterproofing solutions is a method of liquid applied waterproofing solutions. VHbrid is a liquid waterproofing paint where when it dries it forms a tough rubber like membrane to prevent water leakage.  VHbrid is UV resistant where the service termperature can up to 115oC, which is very suitable for our tropical climate. VHbrid provides you the 500% elongation which make the rubber like membrane more elastic ever. More importantly, VHbrid is a READY TO USE products, where doesn’t require complex mixing.  For more information, please visit our VHbrid Waterproofing System.

Torch on Waterproofing Membrane – VProof Waterproofing Solutions

VProof Waterproofing Solutions is a thermal applied bitumen waterproofing membrane sheet.  It is very suitable for tropical climate country like Malaysia. Given the thickness of the membrane, it can prevent the leakage even the screed surface suffer from minor cracks (i.e hairline cracks).



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