Problems :

1.Water Leakage from the Balcony to the  Master Bed Room.

2. Mater Bed Room temperature is high due to concrete slab absorbing the heat


Koster 21 Cooling Roof Waterproofing Systems


1. Surface Preparation : Jet  wash the surface


2. Patching the cracks and further seal with Koster 21

IMG_83723. Joint Treatment

IMG_83754. Prepare the Koster 21 Waterproofing

IMG_83815. After the 1st Coat of Koster 21.

Testimonial from the House Owner:

" GERMANY KOSTER 21 really works well after trying so many brands and contractor, what further amazing me is the cooling effect in my master bedroom. So nowadays the aircon take shorter time to cool the room." - Mr Shah.