Liquid Waterproofing Membrane System

The Ultimate Waterproofing Solutions for Flat Roof

It can LAST more than 10 years!

flat roof ultimate solutions

Benefits of Koster Liquid Waterproofing - No Bubbles & Blister , No Peel Off, UV Resistant & Cracks Bridging!

Flat Roof Waterproofing always is one of the most headache issues facing by the property’s owner. Many times, the leakages reoccur after endless repairs. This issue even happened to the new property.  Putting the third party factors aside, these leakages re-occur commonly due to the peels off of the waterproofing layer (adhesion issue), waterproofing layer blister / bubble (breathability issue), cracks of the waterproofing layer (elasticity issue). VSEAL recently has introduced the Ultimate Waterproofing Solution to address the issues mentioned above. This solutions is using the liquid applied waterproofing method.

Highlights  of the Ultimate Waterproofing  Solution:

  •  Breathable - No more bubbles and blister

KOSTER 21 Waterproofing is a waterproofing material that’s allow the vapor to release from the concrete thru the waterproofing layer. Hence, the vapor will not be trapped under the waterproofing material and forming the blister or bubbles. This has been certified and tested by the Germany Laboratory.

  •  Cracks bridging – seamless application to seal all the cracks

The solution will re-inforce the surface with Koster Flex Fabric. Koster Flex Fabric is a highly tear resistant material to prevent the hair line cracks of the surface. This has been certified and tested by the Germany Laboratory.

  • Long Term / Durable – no more leakages and repair

Koster Flex Faric is make up of highly flexible, finely woven plastic fabric. Hence it WILL NOT decompose over the period of time, not like the  fibre glass mesh used  in the market . Hence it forms a fundamental structures to receive the Koster 21 Waterproofing material.

  • Easy Maintenance  -hassle free and low cost maintenance

There is always a myth that the waterproofing could be last permanently 20 years, 30 years or even someone said could last for 50 years. The answer is Yes,  if the waterproofing layer has done the proper preventive maintenance over the period of times. In the tropical climate country like Malaysia, receiving the extreme sun and rain throughout the whole year, over the period of time, the waterproofing membrane will be weathered away  and getting thinner and thinner. The beauty of the Koster 21 Waterproofing material is allow the property owners always apply additional layer coating as and when it is necessary.


KOSTER  21 Waterproofing System

KOSTER 21 is a 2 component, solvent-free, liquid applied, elastic , crack bridging waterproofing material with excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrate. It is a liquid applied and therefore seamless which greatly eases application to complicated architectural details. Due to its UV stability it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The white color reflects sunlight and reduces building surface temperatures. The fast curing coating is highly flexible, resistant to occasional foot traffic, aging, hydrolysis, UV-rays,frost and salt. KOSTER 21 seals against synthetic  oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons with high boiling points (up to 2 bars).

KOSTER 21 does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC = 0), is free of polyurethanes, isocyanates, and bitumen.

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KOSTER Flex Fabric is a highly flexible, finely woven plastic fabric with very high tear resistance. KOSTER Flex Fabric is intended for reinforcing liquid applied waterproofing and to prevent the cracks of the surface. This material is mainly applied in areas which are in danger of cracking as well as on feed through, connections and transitions.




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