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About Vseal

Vseal is a professional company that grew really rapidly since 2015. We only focus on waterproofing and we focus on delivering the best quality services to Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Malacca.

Throughout our years of experience, we solved all the problems presented with precision. Our diagnostic system is the state of the art. Hence, we can accurately provide you a proposal for solution.

We worked for different industry including schools, science lab, medical hospital and car showroom. Each case presents its unique challenges, and that has allowed us to grow in our expertise. We can almost guarantee all residential solutions: be it car porch, house-extension, penthouse roof slab, and more. We look forward to new challenges, so feel free to present us your most-headache problems.

We have our own proprietary products and waterproofing system, that sets us apart from the industry average contractor. Talk to us today to find out more. Call: +60 17-866 6383

Frequently Asked Questions

The types of waterproofing systems Vseal has?
We utilize up to 5 diferent system such as Torch-on Membrane, Liquid Membrane, and Spray-on Membrane, depending on client's problem we use different system.
How much is Waterproofing for Roof Slab?
The cost of waterproofing is depending on the severity of the case, the size, the place where water seep through, and the type of system used. An estimation will be around RM 5 - 7 per square foot for residential units.
What is the warranty period ?
Depending on your option and condotion, you can select 1 to 5 years.
Can I do my own waterproofing?
In short, yes. You can purchase products from Vseal and apply. Centain product and sytem require machineries, and some application spot is dangerous like car porch and roof slab. We recommend you to let us do the heavy lifting, you just relax.
What is the payment term like?
50% deposit upon confirmation, the balance is paid when the job is done, tested and proven with no leakage.
Why Choose Vseal?
Frankly, because of our proven and tested results and clienteles and reputation (our reviews are one of the strongest in the industry).
Been trying on one famous waterproofing brand on my basement wall but had failed after 3 months. Few patches of water dampness are visible on certain areas. Water leak out during hacking for repairing. Waterproofing solution needs to redo on the whole area. After using KOSTER PRODUCTS (i.e. TG 500 and NB1 Grey, the leakage stops and no more dampness. Highly recommended KOSTER to everyone.
Mr Chow

House Owner at Cheras , KL

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