Basement Wall Water Seepage

  • Client: Mr Chow
  • Info: Cheras, KL


Water seepage at the basement wall. Numerous products has tried but the problems still reoccur. When surface preparation, the active water leak from the wall.


Owner decided to accept the proposal of using Koster Negative Waterproofing System. After the surface preparation, the Koster TG500 use as a primer to neutralise the mineral at the wall, there after apply with Koster NB1 Grey Negative Waterproofing.  After the curing period, all the damp patches  has gone and the entire basement wall is dry.


"Been trying on one famous waterproofing brand on my basement wall but had failed after 3 months. Few patches of water dampness are visible on certain areas. Water leak out during hacking for repairing. Waterproofing solution needs to redo on the whole area. After using KOSTER PRODUCTS (i.e. TG 500 and NB1 Grey, the leakage stops and no more dampness. Highly recommended KOSTER to everyone." - Mr Chow, House Owner, Cheras, KL.