Ingress Auto – BMW SHOW ROOM

  • Client:Ingress Auto BMW Showrrom
  • Date:5 November 2016

Problem :

The BMW Showroom located at the Kampung Penchala ,near to LDP facing the multiple water leakage issue. These leakages some are from the problematic metal roof, the rusty gutter , piping leakage, waterproofing membrane failure and the wear and tear of the sealant. These leakages has damaged the plaster ceiling and the dry wall. More importantly, it will affect the image of the company.


The Ingress Auto BMW management has engaged Vseal Waterproofing Team to assist in resolving these issue. After the diagnose the roof cause, Vseal Waterproofing Team has helped the company to resolve their problem in 3 days. Now they are our happy customers!

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