Waterproofing Works at Tropicana Indah Semi-D Residence

  • Client:Tropicana Indah, Selangor
  • Info:Multiple Spot of Waterproofing Leakage Repair Work


The owner was experiencing water leakage problem at his extension flat roof top, second floor balcony and window area at his guest room.


After Vseal diagnosed, revealed that water ponded at the flat roof top, the ponded water sip thru the slab due to the existing torn waterproofing layer, it is also noted that there were cracks near the external wall near the windows area. Vseal waterproofed the flat roof area and patched the cracks of the Koster 21 multi purpose system. Subsequently, cement render the flat roof to promoted better water flow. Problem Solved! Warranty is given for the work done.