Vseal Engineering  is a waterproofing & building maintenance services specialist contractor. We covers industrial, commercial as well as residential. Our team has more than 20 years of waterproofing  & building maintenance experience.

We have a dedicated team which has IRATA  (International Rope Access Trade Association) certification in handling the High Rise Building Maintenance and Inspection. The team is certified and well versed with abseiling. Safety is always our priority.

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Vseal Engineering provides you the ONE STOP Rope Access for the following:
  • High Rise Building Maintenance & Repair - Vseal help our clients to do maintenance and repair works for their high rise building. Most of the time, clients requires  large machinery equipment to reach the high floor defects spots.We them to repair in quick and cost effective manner. Client could easily save more than 50% of the accessibility cost.
  • Building Exterior Pressure Cleaning - We help our client to do pressure cleaning on their high rise exterior wall without setting up major machinery equipement. Hence, it provides the least amount of interuption to the operation. When business as usual, interuption on operation could be crucial issue.
  • Window Cleaning - Our experienced team in high rise window cleaning would help you keep your windows as shine as possible. Brighten up your days.
  • Painting Works - We could help our client to carry out the painting works at high rise building as well. Rope access could simplify the process and cause less disruption to the business operation.
  • Waterproofing Works - With our waterproofing skills and rope access expertise, it provides an ultimate solutions with minimal cost spend , comparing to the conventional method.
  • Confined Space Inspections - We could conduct inspection at high rise confined space where the traditional system which not able to access
  • Wall Cracks / Sealant Works - We help our clients to repair wall cracks or sealant works at high rise thru rose access system.

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Our clientele includes Multinational Coorporations, Factories, Shopping Malls, Univeristies, Condominiums and many more.

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