Sheet Waterproofing

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What is Sheet Waterproofing?

Sheet waterproofing always refer as roll-type waterproofing membrane. Sheet waterproofing membrane could be made up with various type of material. However in the market, the commonly used are bituminous based and PVC based sheet waterproofing membrane. This sheet waterproofing usually comes in differently thickness, ranging from 3mm -4mm for bituminous membrane and 1.2mm – 2mm for PVC membrane.

Advantage of Sheet Waterproofing

More than often, owner will choose the sheet waterproofing for the reason that it can provide a consistency of the membrane thickness across the entire waterproof area. Comparing to the liquid applied waterproofing, sheet waterproofing membrane always can be assure that the membrane thickness is consistent. Hence it give owner the confident that it will have the better performance for waterproofing.

In addition to that , sheet waterproofing is suitable for the site situation that the surface have experiencing cracks. Due to the thickness of the sheet membrane, i.e 4mm, even the surface has cracks, the sheet waterproofing still can withstand the cracks (usually up to 2mm ).

Sheet Waterproofing always is more durable compare to liquid applied waterproofing.  Malaysia is the heavy rain tropical country, the abrasion from the wind and the rain will slowly wear off all the waterproofing layer. Again, the thickness of the sheet membrane always will given a more

Application of Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

Generally there are 2 types of application method for sheet waterproofing membrane.  In Malaysia, Bituminous Sheet Membrane always apply thru using the torch applied method. As the name suggest, the professional will stick the bituminous membrane on the surface thru torching it using butane gas. This method commonly known as Torch On Waterproofing or Torch Apply Waterproofing. The following video link will give you a better idea how the torch on waterproofing or torch apply waterproofing is done.

Actual site video shooting :

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