VHybrid Waterproofing Paint




VHybrid Waterproofing Paint is an elastomeric liquid applied  hybrid PU Acrylic based waterproofing coating/membrane formulated to provide a durable, minimal care waterproofing protection for concrete substrates. VHybrid offers the most advanced waterproofing technology and cate to provide a long lasting performance & security of a waterproof environment. VHybrid coatings forms a tough rubber like membrane when fully cured. It is completed free from coal tar, bitumen and other hazardous components.


VHbrid Waterproofing Paint is UV Resistant coating that can be exposed to Sunlight and when it dries , it forms a tough rubber like surface.


VHybrid Multipurpose Waterproofing is used for the waterproofing at new construction and in renewal work. It is suitable and widely been used at:

  • Exposed concrete roof, domes, balconies & terraces
  • Foundation and basements
  • Kitchen & bathrooms
  • Car park deck roofs
  • Concrete flat roof & sunken slabs
  • Wet areas
  • Cracks wall repair
  • Renovation & Refurbishment of old waterproofing systems (e.g torch on waterproofing)


  • Chemical Resistant. Resistant to diluted acids & alkaline, oil. salts, bacteria and common ground salts.
  • Single Component, Ready-to-use
  • Easy Application. Can be applied by brush, roller, squeegee, spatula or airless spray equipment.
  • Excellent adhesion to green & cured concrete.
  • Long term resistance to ponded water.
  • High Elongation which more than 500%
  • Excellent cracks bridging properties.
  • Excellent UV resistance. Suitable to tropical climate country.

Types of VHybrid Waterproofing System

VHbrid Waterproofing Paint can be delivered in several types of system that cater the needs of the end users.

4 Layer Systems

4 Layer VHybrid Waterproofing System is a higher specification of waterproofing system. This waterproofing system is  sandwiched with the VFlexi Fabric that to reinforce the surface of the waterproofing membrane. In general, this 4 layer waterproofing system shall give the end users a minimal thickness of 1.5mm

3 Layer Systems

3 Layer VHybrid Waterrpoofing System is the waterproofing system that applied without the VFlexi Fabric. This waterproofing system is more cost effecient. In general, this 3 layer waterproofing system shall provide a minimal thickness of 1mm.

VHybrid Waterproofing transparent

Let's find out how we waterproof a tissue box with VHybrid Waterproofing Paint

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