Vseal Engineering is the specialist contractor in waterproofing industry. We help our clients to diagnose, rectify  and protect their homes and properties from water leakage. All the repairs are come with warranty. Vseal is committed to our post sales service. Vseal services includes the following:

 Having a basement means that there is a chance that water can get in, and damage your belongings. Most insurance company policies will not cover the damage caused by ground water, so having your basement waterproofed is important. It is not just a basement that can be letting water into your house or other buildings like a garage. Waterproofing contractors can keep your home safe from water.

The first step to having your home, garage, and business waterproofed is to hire waterproofing contractors. Waterproofing contractors help you find where the water is coming from and suggest what the best solution is for your home. You should move your items away from the walls, as many times the water comes in from the outdoors.

How to find the leak?

When you are trying to find the leak before you have contracted waterproofing contractors, track the water back to the source. Once you think you have a source, find a reference point that is both on the inside and the outside of your home. Then take a measurement from the reference point and the source of the water. This is to help you to gauge where is the leaking source.

Using the measurement, head outdoors and measure from the reference point. Look around the area that the wall meets the ground. There could be a visual crack in the wall, which is a very common source of leaks. If you are not able to see any damage to the wall, waterproofing contractors have specialised tools that can find the cause of the water that is getting into your home.

 Minimising the Leak

If the ground around the area the leak is sloped towards your house or is flat, you are able to increase the grade. This can be done with some earth from your yard. Pack the earth in to the area of the crack. This will only work for a short time, and a major storm could cause more water to leak into your home. If the leak is coming from a roof or an unknown area, call waterproofing contractors to find and stop the leak. However, it does mark the problem area so you can show the waterproofing contractors where the problem area is.

If your home does not have any cracks in the walls or roof, and the leak is still persist. Check the other possible points of entry like around windows, doors and gutters. You should also hire waterproofing contractor since they can both find problems and protect your home from leaks that could happen in the future.

There are a lot of reasons that a home or business building could have a leak. Waterproofing contractor can protect a building from water damage, and minimise future damage. Remember that most insurance companies do not cover damage that is cause by leaks in the foundation of buildings. If you have any questions, contact a us to learn more about minimising water damage to your home or business.Please call us at 03-50219289.