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Waterproofing Coating for Concrete Foundation

Next to burning down, the worst problem to happen to any structure is a problem with the foundation. The foundation is literally what is holding the building up, keeping the rest of the building in place, and transferring both live loads and dead loads into the ground. Since the foundation is below ground, most of the problems are caused by water. The water can cause the soil that is around the foundation to lose strength or swell. This causes damage to the foundation over time and is why it is recommended to use a waterproofing coating on concrete foundations.

A foundation that is kept dry with a waterproofing coating is important to preventing leaks, and mold from growing. Most of the crawl spaces and basements that are damp have mold and are generally not pleasant to be in. This is due to these areas not being waterproof. While concrete foundations that are not cracked are able to keep out water that is in liquid form, water vapours can easily enter the concrete and the basement. Having water drained away from the area around the foundation, and using a waterproofing coating will prevent the problems of leaks and mold in your basement, and you will have a building that last a long time.

There are many types of waterproofing coating that can be used to protect not just the foundation of the building, but the whole building. There is also waterproofing coating that can be used on metal.

The most common type of waterproofing coating that is used is cementitious. Most times, this used for construction as it is the easiest waterproofing coating to use. Many times, this is mixed to concrete foundation. It can also be applied on top of concrete that is already in place. This waterproof coating will protect the foundation, and the inside of the building, depending on how it is used. This is waterproofing coating is also used in bathrooms, and tunnels as it does not expansion or contract, making last a very long time.

When you are building any type of building you have to make sure that you does it right the first time, or you, going to have to make expensive repairs in the future. Having a waterproofing coating applied to the foundation or after the building has been built to protect the foundation from water damage. A foundation that has leaks for a house leads to damage to items and the house’s structure. This major problem as most insurance companies will not cover the cost of the damage caused by water. For a commercial building, having a foundation that has water damage can ruin any equipment that is stored and disrupt work.