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WaterproofingMalaysia.com is an website that owned by Vseal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Vseal Engineering is a  waterproofing remedial contractor that provide waterproofing services for commercial , industrial as well as residential at Malaysia.

Services offered by Vseal Engineering.

Waterproofing Solutions and Repair

Vseal provide wide range of waterproofing solutions and repairs to the local market.  These waterproofing solutions includes concrete flat roof leakage ,metal roof leakage, balcony leakage, toilet leakage,  basement leakage, lift pit leakage as we as swimming pool leakage. More information

PU Injection Waterproofing

PU injection Waterproofing can help the owner to stop the leakage immediately without hacking the concrete slab. Thru the PU injection waterproofing, the chemical is injected into the concrete. Once the chemical exposes to the water, the chemical will inflate and seal up the cracks in the concrete. Hence, the water leakage will stop immediately. More information

Rain Gutter Replacement & Repair

Vseal Engineering provides gutter replacement & repair services to our clients. We also helps our client to tailor-made the gutters to suite their needs. These gutter  includes PVC gutter, GI gutter, Stainless Steel gutter as well as zincalume gutter. More information

Wall Cracks Repair

Vseal Engineering provides a very effective wall cracks repair solutions for our clients. Our material used  has the elongation up to 500% and further reinforce with synthetic rubber tape. This solution could cater for the future movement of the cracks. More information

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