Waterproofing Products


Vseal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. supplies and distribute wide range of premium waterproofing products to the applicators.  These products includes liquid applied waterproofing , cementitious waterproofing, crystalline waterproofing (negative side) , torch on membrane as well as self- adhesive membrane. Confuse which type of membrane suitable for your site? Call us ,we will consult you appropriately. 03-5021 9289


Koster 21 waterproofing suitable for concrete, slab, swimming pool, metal, external and internal used.  UV resistant , breathable, crack bridging capibility

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Vflexi is a highly flexible 2 part polymer modified cementitious waterproofing membrane. Suitable  for concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration.


VHybrid Waterproofing Paint is easy application. Ready to use. Rubber like texture for indoor and outdoor.

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VProof is a high performance polymer modified plastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane surfaced with reflective natural colors slates to provide maximum protection against UV.

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Self- Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

Self-Adhesive waterproofing membrane provide an easy and quick peel and stick application. This material is suitable to be use in for foundation waterproofing, wet areas, concrete, mechanical rooms etc.


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Self-Adhesive Aluminium Membrane 

VProof Aluminium  is a aluminium waterproofing membrane  which the surface layered with aluminium foil which the underside coated with the bitumen-polymer and reinforced with polyester net.