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The key element of Waterproofing System

Water damage can definitely take a toll on your residential property.  During a severe condition, this can eventually lead to different condition such as structural damage and mould; this problem can prove to be a costly issue to address.  In order to prevent the excessive cost, you should not only rely on the waterproofing element that is included in your building when it was constructed.  The exterior façade of your house serves as the primary defence against water damage and leaks.  Furthermore, there are interior materials that can strengthen the exterior of the house.  You need to understand the areas of your home that are vulnerable to the water in order to have an effective waterproofing system.


The Essential Element of Waterproofing System

Basically, the entire parts of the property that is exposed are generally prone to wearing which means that it is also a possible point of penetration of moist that may lead to water damage.  Windows, parapet wall, foundation and the roof are prone to having leaks.  Most of the time, the leaking can start from the top which means that this part has to be perfectly created.  It has to incorporate a waterproofing system such as a membrane and the flashing system.


Window is also vulnerable since it has a lot of openings that you should properly cover with seals to prevent the water from penetrating the house and causing damage.  In the event that your house or building is constructed using masonry, the water can seep between the brick and the mortar.  In order to have an effective waterproofing system, repointing method can prevent the water from accessing the façade.


The terrace can also be regarded as a vulnerable part of your house.  In the event that you have a cantilevered terrace, it means that your terrace is exposed into three directions; the side, underside, and the top.  The metal reinforcement is in danger of corrosion in case the saturated moisture will land on the reinforcement bar.  It is crucial for you to ensure that your waterproofing system in this area is impenetrable by water.


Contrary to what most of you believe, the problem with water does not stay above ground.  The underground water leakage may happen once the foundation cracks.  The type of waterproofing system that you will utilise on this part highly depends on the design of your foundation.  In case you have a foundation made of block, you may utilise a membrane system.


Water damage has the ability to create a devastating impact on your property.  By going through a routine inspection and analysis and having an impeccable waterproofing system, you will be able to prevent this possible damage.  On the off chance that there is already a leak in your property, you should let the professional handle it.



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